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Finished my tree! / What's next?

So after a month and a half or so I've finally been able to finish my Hindi tree! I rather enjoyed it, I thought it was very well built and progressed in such a way that it was continuously challenging you to learn new grammar and yet it was never overwhelming you with new things, massive appreciation for the mods who built this!

That being said, I've still got to revisit some of the units to level them up, but I'm at a loss as to what to do now to keep on learning. The Hindi tree is rather short compared to the other trees I've done, short enough that my usual strategy of moving on to TV shows to learn vocabulary probably wouldn't work considering I think after the tree my vocab is rather poor which would make understanding very difficult, and I have a hunch there's still quite a bit of grammar I need to learn. I was thinking maybe of following Duolingo up with Memrise due to this.

So I was wondering : is there anyone here who's been in my position who' have solid recommendation as to what to do next? Are there any resources you thought were helpful?

Any feedback is appreciated!

May 28, 2019



Listen to Bollywood songs and watch movies. Start watching BB Ki Vines and other Hindi content creators. Try watching Doremon, Mogli (jungle book) in Hindi/ Enjoy listening to India v/s Pakistan rants on media and reading both neighbour countrymen's fights on Facebook. Explore the world of Hindi in whatever way you want to.

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As far as I know, Memrise doesn't have a comprehensive Hindi course yet unfortunately.

I second the suggestion to check out Bollywood movies. English subtitles are available for almost every recent movie and can help you supplant your vocabulary. Also, platforms like Netflix and Amazon now have a decent selection of movies. If Bollywood is not your thing, webseries are a burgeoning medium in India and you can check out a few.


Are there any Bollywood movies with Hindi subtitles (more like US Closed Captioning)?


I attend classes sponsored by the Indian Embassy and bought a few text books and use Duolingo as regularly as I can


Clozemaster is much better than memrise for increasing vocabulary.


Depending on your level of Hindi, I'd suggest watching children's Hindi shows or something like that. They are much slower and have easier words to understand. The only downside is that it might be a bit boring or not interest you as much as they are aimed for children.


It looks like people already gave some good answers, and I don't know if you are still listening to suggestions, but here's mine. Indians tend to be very social, and are very easy to contact. If you don't know any Hindi speakers you can meet them easily through Instagram or tandem. I have met several Indian's on Instagram, without actually trying. Many would be willing to let you practice your Hindi (even if it's through text messaging). If you get stuck finding people you can respond to me and I can introduce you.

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