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Others learning Hindi

Is there a way to compare my progress with others learning Hindi?

Re: Leagues I would like the option to measure my progress with other English speakers learning Hindi.

For example, as of today, 4/27/19, @ 2225, in the Ruby League, the top Learner has an 86 day streak; I only subscribed to Duolingo 31 days ago, and have a 31 day streak. The leader has nearly 6000 XP, close to 100 x the number I have. The leader is learning English plus 2 romance languages. I am only leaning Hindi. I am not motivated by this scenario.

Have others asked about same language comparisons or same language “Leagues”?


May 28, 2019



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Hello - Namaste! I'm learning Hindi, as an English speaker. I'm doing OK - in the last few days I have reached a 200 day streak and I have conquered the course :-) So now I'm levelling up on things - I've achieved level 3 on everything so far. To be honest I'm not very competitive and comparing my progress to others' doesn't motivate me. But we could follow each other? I have a problem to solve... The app has started crashing on me mid-lesson. It's very frustrating and wastes a lot of time. Came to the forum to see if it's widespread. Using an old version on an old iPad... See you around! Jeremy


Maybe switch to the web version of Duo? It's also available on mobile devices.


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