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Es teh dan teh panas

Why is the adjective before the noun in es teh but after the noun in teh panas? Is the adjective es an exception to the rule?

May 28, 2019



dingin dan panas kan kata sifat jadi digunakan setelah objek........kalau es kan benda yg bisa membuat dingin........kalau lu samain kata ES sama DINGIN berarti lu bisa buat begini dong :BUDI MINUM TEH ES,beda sama BUDI MINUM TEH DINGIN......


We normally say 'es teh'. When it comes to iced drinks, we usually use 'es' in front of the name of the drink, like es jeruk, es kopi, es cendol, etc. But, in certain regions in Indonesia (I think in some parts of Sumatra or Kalimantan), people say 'teh es' rather than 'es teh'.


Yes, we do have quite a lot of iced drinks and desserts, don't we? Es dawet, es doger, es lilin, es putar, es teler, and many more.


It might have something with having more importance placed on the Es and therefore you lead with that. Asin ice has been a special thing maybe more so the past than present and so you lead with that to garner attention. Which makes sense when you want to sell something.


demi rakyat wadiya.....pertanyaan macam apa ini.... :v


es itu masuk kata benda sedangkan dingin dan panas adalah sifat jadi........TEH PANAS BISA JADI TEH DINGIN...........yaaaaa.......kalau gk diminum ya dingin gblk......


Es teh is just like the English iced tea - it's the name for the drink. I think it comes from English to be honest.

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