Almost there!

Hello! This is just a tiny progress update on how my Czech tree is doing:

Only 10 lessons left to complete the tree! And hopefully, it will be done today!

I thank everybody for the support :)

May 28, 2019


SL, I assume the 10 remaining lessons refer to the skills/icons of the tree. I want to warn you about the final skill. The completion of the course may come at a price.

Depending on how solid a grasp on the material in the tree up (down) to that point you have, the final skill may confuse you. For example, if you are shaky in your adjective endings across the genders and cases, or if you do not quite get what happened in the "Dual" skill, you may not want to "go there".

The final skill is devoted to a language very similar to the Czech the rest of our course teaches, except for systematic deviations. The final skill shows the non-standard, "common" Czech, which is what shows up in almost all movies instead of the standard and is the language most of us use to communicate, at least in Bohemia. The final skill is intended to show the main systematic deviations from the standard. But if the learner's command of the standard is not solid enough for the comparison, the effect may not be beneficial, and then the exercises keep showing up in strengthening.

We limited the negative effects by avoiding translations to Czech in the final skill. This way the course can remain consistent in not accepting translations that deviate from standard Czech while still showing you common Czech for passive awareness.

Have a look at this discussion, and if you do decide to proceed, good luck!

If you do go there, this document can equip you for dealing with the consequences, specifically the material starting on p. 245 in English and 260 in Czech:

May 28, 2019

Nueby, thanks a lot for the advice. As you might know, I lived in the Czech Republic, so when you said "common Czech" I actually smiled lol - I think it might not be that hard!

Even so, thanks a lot for the advice, and I'll follow the steps you have proposed.

May 29, 2019

May 28, 2019

Thanks a lot! You too :) You don't know how much it means to get that comment from somebody I admire and follow.

May 29, 2019
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