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Duolingo Plus for Schools? Is this a thing?

I introduced Duolingo for Schools this year (2018-2019) in my World Language curriculum and without a doubt, it was a wonderful decision. My students and I loved the differentiation this provided our classroom throughout the year, but the only thing I would like to see changed is extending the Duolingo Plus subscription option to include classroom subscription options. I love that Duolingo is free, but I don't like the ads. I think my students did a good job of ignoring them this past school year, but that was also due to me being extra vigilant. Is Plus pricing for a classroom setting soon to be an option?

I can't convince my school to pay $9.99 per student, per month. I chatted with numerous other world language teachers in my metroplex during a recent meeting who have had the same concern, but haven't adopted Duolingo into their classroom for the sake of ads.

Would love to know if anything is currently brewing to address this.


May 28, 2019



Free Workaround
Let your students use www.duolingo.com in the browser of their device and let them install a good Ad blocker and Tracker blocker, for instance:


I have a few questions regarding Duolingo Plus for Schools. I'm considering having Duolingo as part of a Spanish class. Not sure if you would know the answer to these questions.

  1. Would the school need to pay $9.99/month per each student that is enrolled in the class?
  2. Let's say I have 10 students in a class, would each student need to make a Duolingo plus account, or can the teacher create an account/class and simply invite students using the shared link?
  3. Does the teacher also need to have a Duolingo Plus account that the school is paying for?
  4. Is there another payment option for Duolingo Plus other than a monthly fee (i.e. yearly fee? semester fee??
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