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"chaH Dayaj'a'? ghobe'. verengan jIHbe'."

Translation:Do you understand them? No. I am not a Ferengi.

May 28, 2019



It didn't accept "...I am not Ferengi." - does the 'a' make a grammatical difference? (I'm a Pakled when it comes to grammar.)


does the 'a' make a grammatical difference?

Yes -- it turns it from a noun ("I am not a Ferengi" like "I am not a boy") into an adjective ("I am not Ferengi" like "I am not young").

I'm not sure whether "Ferengi" works as an adjective.

(In compounds such as "Ferengi ship", I think it's a noun modifying another noun.)


Your instinct is correct, even if you terminology is not. The "a" makes a grammatical difference, but not really a semantic one (i.e. your using a different rule, but the meaning is the same). I have added that option to the accepted translations.

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