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Thank You, Duolingo

I felt as though it needed to be said, although I've no clue where to post this properly. But to whatever amazing people created Duolingo, and to anybody who contributed to it, thank you. I may not always be consistent with doing my lessons, and I may be unable to make up my mind on which one I want to focus on learning, but I would be bored more often than not if it weren't for Duolingo. As I am a person who values intelligence, the chance to learn any language at all is an amazing opportunity and the selection of so many different languages is an even better prospect. I started on Duolingo with learning Italian, though mind you, I cannot remember why. All I remember knowing is that Duolingo was a free place to learn another language. I wrote this to thank everybody contributing to Duolingo, and to thank my fellow language learners. I'm glad I found this website. I have not finished learning a language yet, but believe me, I am everlastingly grateful. Grazie, Duolingo. Grazie.

May 28, 2019



Totally agree! I sometimes have a moan when they play around with the features because, like most humans, I'm a little resistant to change when I've gotten used to something. But if I step back for a second, it's amazing the amount of work that has gone into creating this product, from which I have derived so much benefit in my life without paying a penny!


Agreed! I think it has become a lot more useful for intermediate level learners as well in the last year due to changes in it's skill advancement structure.


Same feels mate. Bless em'.


Thank you for that. It seems that lately, all the posts are griping and complaining about something. It’s getting old.


Great post! I often get irritated with so many people complaining about every little thing with DuoLingo. People need to keep in mind that this is a FREE learning app, and its a great learning app. I appreciate Duo and all it has done for my language learning.


There are so many negative posts on Duolingo like "NIGHT MODE NOW" and "WE WANT ITEM BACK" and things that people plead for. They never really think who is behind the making of this and how hard it is to code this into duo. You really recognized that.


I think that they do know that it is hard to do this but they just want to tell the developers and everyone behind duo that they feel a big need for this feature


I agree with you

[deactivated user]

    I do agree with you


    Well put. Duolingo is a great place to learn foreign languages.


    the duolingo bird memes are the best


    Bruh, it's Duo. You better pray he won't see this :p


    Ahem. you got so many Languages. YOU GOT THE POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No? I'm telling.


    Couldn't agree more!


    Agreed. I only came to Duolingo to get ready for a class I have to take, and I really didn't expect it to be so... lovely? I suppose yes that's the right word. It was clearly a labor of love. I haven't been around long enough to spend very much time seeing the sight grow but I plan to be here in the far future.


    好!Same for me man. 300x more fun then doing Calculus... Can't wait to see where you go with your learning!


    I find the course to be incredibly repetitive but...it works!


    Thank you for sharing that ! I feel like although some changes indeed are regrettable (removing clubs) and some others could be welcome, Duo is a great chance ! It gives the opportunity to learn languages for free with courses that allow not only to practice on sentence structure (rather than just vocabulary) but also to exchange with other people and ask questions, which are often answered.

    So I completely agree with you !


    You're so right. Learning languages this easily is a blessing.


    i love this app and i agree! and everyone that is using this app is very grateful because eople do not some people do not have a computer or phone or tablet so their parents have to teach them. so this app is very gratefu to me!


    Post about how much you hate the new changes

    Get lots of lingots

    Post about how much you love Duolingo

    Get lots of lingots



    I believe in "Stop complaining, start learning" policy. Even though there are negtive comments here and there, it's better and healthier to find something positive about life. And simply enjoy it! Duolingo is absolutely amazing. It has so many great features, it's motivating and wow.... it's free. I'm so happy that I've found this website! I'm starting with learning German, but in time I plan to learn some new languages as well. Good luck with your learning everyone! Have a great day.


    Same here(☻-☻)


    Roses are red Violets are blue I liked this discussion Here's a lingot for you.


    I agree duo is great and even my dad uses it and if my friends ever need help learning a language I will certainly recommend it!


    I agree. After letting my German fluency slip over the past 15 years or so I was so grateful to come across this site. It's encouraged me to start again and not waste all my studies and I am loving having the German language back in my life again. Also thought I'd give Spanish a try too!


    Like, if there is one person ever in the universe that is always correct, it's you. Not even ME. Believe me. 1 lingot.

    • 936

    Duolingo has enriched and added value to my life. I fully agree with these positive sentiments!


    I don't get your post, thank you for what? All it dose is teach you how to speak a different languish. But if you said that about someone else, great pep talk. I like you...


    Ohhhhh, I get it now and totes agree


    We love Duo! <3


    that stinks. she just had a good idea.

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