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"Strengthen skills" does not actually strengthen or even gild my skills

Basically what the title says

I've done a couple of timed practice sessions and none of my skills have been strengthened at all. I'm not sure if this is a technical thing or whatnot.

Please let me know.

June 4, 2014




If your skills have degraded a lot, it can take extra work to refresh them, especially if you are making errors or peaking at the word hints. Sometimes, I have done the timed practice five times before it strengthened a skill. So, remember to practice daily if you want to keep your skills gold. I hope this helps!


Thank you very much. Yes, I had to do a bit more practice and some of my skills did, in fact, get strengthened.


yvw. I'm glad that's all figured out now. :)


I have noticed the same thing, but I think it is not a bug, though it tended to annoy me. If you have a lot of degraded vocab duo doesn't only strenthen those skills that are not golden anymore, but also those that are slightly less degraded. So eventually, if you keep studying you will be back to gold again. If you want to hasten it, you can just go into the skill and train it seperatly, you should gildne it much faster. But if the skill is badly degraded, say it is about to fall from a 4 to a 3, you will not max it by doing just one repetition.

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