"I am sending mom's email."

Translation:Ninatuma barua pepe ya mama.

May 29, 2019

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Ive never heard barua pepe before - Is this the usual way swahili speakers say email?


yes. 'Barua' is a letter/mail, 'barua pepe' is 'electronic mail' i.e. email


Is there a way to know that this takes "ya" other than because it's in this lesson? Neither barua nor pepe looks line an n- noun.


I mean...that's the whole reason - because barua is in the N/N noun class. Nouns in the N/N noun class have no pattern anyway e.g. kalamu, nyumba, meza etc (also, 'pepe' is not an adjective, not a noun). Practice will help you learn to identify nouns and the noun classes, but some of them just don't have easily identifiable patterns

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