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Ways to fix Google error 924

App update in android phones is very important to run the applications properly as an update will make it compatible with the operating system. If a user is unable to update an app, the reason could be some error with an error code on the screen.

The commonly faced error while updating the apps in android device is error code 924. This error comes up when there is no internet connection or problems in data or cache of Google Play store. In order to resolve the issue, the user can either dial Google phone number or follow the below mentioned troubleshooting methods:

• The user needs to make sure that the android device is connected to an internet connection and is fast enough to update or download the apps properly. If the internet is connected but has a slow speed, even then this error might come up. • Another way by which the issue of error code 924 can be resolved is as follows: 1. Go to menu of android device, Settings, applications on device and then all selected applications are clicked. 2. In the next step, Google Play Store is selected & clear data and clear cache is tapped. 3. Finally, Download manager is selected & clear data and clear cache is tapped. • If the above mentioned ways do not work for resolving the issue, then the user is required to do the factory reset of android device. All the data will be lost in this reset process, so before resetting the device, a user should keep backup of all the data. Once the rebooting is completed, the device will have all the default settings. The error code 924 will be resolved by this method.

If the issue still persists or some other query is there, a user can contact the support team of Google customer service. The technical executives in the team will assist users with the best possible services related to all Google products and services. All the contact details could be found on the official website of Google.

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May 29, 2019

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