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Practice Hindi words, not letters


in latin languages courses I found it very helpful the "practice" function, which made me go back through old words which are not recurrent in the course itself and that one tends to forget sooner.

In Hindi, I find that the "practice" always go back to the alphabet, which is assumed to be known quite well if you are already in an advanced stage of the course. Is it possible to opt out the letter practicing, such to go straight to the less used words?


May 29, 2019



I am guessing it is because all your completed lessons except the Letters ones are at 100% strength (stength was a measure that Duolingo used to show to tell you which words/skills you are likely to have forgotten - you can check that here - https://duome.eu/pilchat/progress). I think the 'Practice' feature chooses sentences from lessons with lower strength by default and there doesn't seem to be a way to get around that.

However, you can practice sentences from individual completed lessons by clicking on the lesson's icon. In the Duome website which I've linked, there is an option to look at the vocabulary used in the course and the lesson where you first encounter each word so that you can choose which lesson to practice.



thanks for suggesting duome: I didn't know that.

Following your suggestion, I completed the letter lessons, and now the "practice" buttons takes me back to random sentences, mainly the ones that I haven't gone through for a long time. That's what I wanted.

Anyway, a couple of old features are missing in duolingo, and I used to find them very helpful:

-) the strength of lessons used to fall down with increasing time since last practice (this motivated me to go back to old lessons as soon as their strength decreased)

-) there was the possibility to see the strength of single words, and to practice them as memory cards (or whatever they are called)

Unfortunately, I don't find either of these features in duome.

Thanks a lot

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