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Correction Needed:"They are poor, they don't even have water."

"They are poor, they don't even have water." Translation:Mereka orang miskin, bahkan mereka tidak punya air.

Student Comments: "Mereka orang miskin, mereka bahkan tidak punya air" work? I remember other sentences where bahkan proceeded the verb.

Yes, both are okay.

Also, the REAL MEANING of "They are poor" is "Mereka miskin", without "orang" (people). Except the sentence is "They are poor people".

I think both are ok, please report it

May 29, 2019



Mereka miskin is correct. Add it to the many mistakes on the course.

Does anyone actual pay attention and fix things?

May 31, 2019


They sometimes fix things but not all the time. I am surprised the course even graduated from beta, it needs a lot of work.

June 20, 2019
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