Is there a way to get more 'translate English to Japanese' sections?

I honestly don't see much of these sections (i'm not sure if it depends on whether you're on mobile/desktop??), but I would appreciate it if there were an option for it.. Like a customization for lessons if that makes sense

May 29, 2019

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The exercises will get harder as you level up your skills. When I read your post I realized that I had never actually counted the exercise types for the Japanese tree so I did that just now and noticed that Duolingo gave me 0 translate into Japanese exercises for a level 0 skill but by level three there were more of them than translations into English. If you don't like duo's slow pace you can always speed it up by testing out of level one. (If you are able to pass the tests that is. I would most certainly fail.)

May 29, 2019
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