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"Ustedes hacen la cama todos los días."

Translation:You all make the bed every day.

April 13, 2013



Is "make the bed" a Spanish idiom as well in terms of putting new sheets on the bed? Or do the people involved physically make a new bed?


Lol no, thankfully "hacer la cama" and "to make one's bed" mean the same thing in both senses, as in a child making his bed every morning and the guy at the bed-producing factory making several beds a day.


"you all" is one of DL's way to interpret "ustedes" which is plural. DL also accepts: "You make the bed every day".


'You all,' can also be stated as 'they,' no?


No.. You all is incorrect English grammar although people use "you all", as is y'all which is used in the south. The word YOU is both singular and plural and there is no need for the definitive "all"


"You all" is not incorrect English grammar any more than "they all" or "we all". While it is not /necessary/ to include "all," it clarifies that you are referring to everyone in a group, instead of a subset of the group. Whether "y'all" is correct English is another debate entirely, and has more to do with whether you take a prescriptivist or descriptivist approach to linguistics.


I got it marked incorrect because I didn't add the word "all". I NEVER say, "you ALL". And you are correct that "YOU" is both singular and plural.


You is directed at the individuals...ustedes They is used to talk about the individuals indirectly (you are speaking to someone about someone else... Ellos)


How would "you make the bed all day" (like they do it over and over) be translated?


I think it would be "... todo el día"


Does todos means each or every?... it's confusing me


if it's single, todo, it means "all" e.g. toda la noche, all night (from sunset to sunrise) if it's plural you can translate it as "all" or "every" e.g. todos los libros = "all the books", or "every book"


How many times, do you suppose, it would be counted as wrong to translate Uds. as you all whenever it is encountered elsewhere? Who is brave enough to find out? Anyone? Edited - I recently tried "you all" in a different sentence and it was accepted.


Is "They make the bed every day" not a correct translation? I have always been taught that Ustedes means they and you (pl.).


What about "Ustedes hacen la cama cada dia?"


that's "... each day" which could be each from a certain group previously mentioned, but not every possible day.


los dias - isn't that plural?


Yes, that's one of the strange things about Spanish. We say "every day" in English but they say "alls days" in Spanish. All is plural and day is plural.


Can anyone tell me why it's wrong to translate this as "You make your bed every day?" I am aware that "la" is "the"... but Spanish often seems to substitute la/el for what would be a possessive pronoun in English, for example "Me duele la cabeza" (MY head hurts) or "Me olvidé el bolí." (I forgot MY pen).


Ustedes is like saying you all or yall.


"Ya'll" in Southern US


Why is you make the bed daily wrong??


Why is the literal translation of "you make the bed all of the days" incorrect?


"all the days" is not accepted since it is plural! But todos los dias is either everyday or all the days. As far as I know?


this is dumb.. it could be interpreted as "they make the bed every day" because hacen is the plural form of the verb. it isnt specific to any context so it doesnt make sense that the correct answer is "you all", because it could be "they" as well and still be correct.


"Everyday" was marked wrong when I used it in the translation. It should have been considered correct.


How many people does it take to make one bed? Couldn't one also translate it "they make their beds every day".

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