"This menu"

Translation:Menu ini

May 30, 2019

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I struggle knowing when to put ini before the noun or after the noun. Is there a way to know? I see it used both ways and haven't been able to spot the pattern.


Please have a look here :"

'ini' , 'itu', Tips & Notes, Addendum.

Adjectives, Noun Phrase, Tips & Notes, Addendum.


When "ini" is an article, it's always after the noun. Same for its counterpart "itu".
Kucing ini = this cat.
Kucing itu = that cat/the cat.

When "saya" is a (possessive) article, it's always after the noun. Same for all the possessive articles.

The only exception is the indefinite article, it's before the noun.
Sebuah buku = a book.

When "ini" or "itu" are not articles linked to a noun anymore, but when they are subject-pronoun, they are before the verb, the verb that makes the actions for which they are subject.

Ini adalah besar. This is big.
Most of the time, the verb "to be" (adalah) is implied:
Ini besar (so you have subject-pronoun + adjective, but you have to consider the implied adalah verb like if it was there).

Itu besar = that is big.
It's the same for "saya" and the pronoun articles, that becomes personal pronoun-subject (like the English "I"), when they are before the verb.

Saya cinta. I love. Kucing saya. My cat.

Saya cinta kucing saya = I love my cat.


why "itu" is incorrect? "ini" != "itu" ?


This for something close to you but that the opposite i'm sorry I have a bad english


Ini means this And itu means that

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