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"Peter lives near Julia's home."

Translation:पीटर जूलिया के घर के पास रहता है।

May 30, 2019



why के instead of का?


The noun phrase 'जूलिया का घर' (Julia's home) is in the oblique case due to it being followed by the postposition "के पास". The oblique form of 'जूलिया का घर' would be "जूलिया के घर"


Hello rangingfire4

Yes "karib" is also correct here but "karib" literally means "something that is approximate". So if you will say "Peter Julia ke ghar ke karib rahta hai". Then you are saying that Peter is living approx. near to Julia's house i.e. not very far and not very close.

And if you write "Peter Julia ke ghar ke pass rahta hai" then it will like Peter is living just near the Julia's house.

(Actually I don't have HINDI keyboard in my phone that's why I am writing in this way) Hope you understand.

Kind regards


मैने सलेक्ट किया हुआ है : )


Just curious, does duo use/accept करीब? Or does it exclusively use पास?


Hope you understand what I wrote in comments


No audio 6 October, 2020

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