"My brother is not your brother."

Translation:मेरा भाई तेरा भाई नहीं है।

May 30, 2019

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Whats the difference between theraa and thumhara


Both mean 'your' but तेरा is less formal than तुम्हारा (which in turn is less formal than आपका). तेरा should be reserved for very close friends or family because it can be considered rude otherwise. तुम्हारा can be used for everyone around your own age or younger unless you are in a professional/formal setting (where आपका is appropriate).


For everyone asking what is the difference between thera and tumhara, Let's first learn about tu, thum, and aap.

तू(Tu) - less informal. Can be used for addressing very close friends and people of your own age or younger.

तुम(Thum) - informal . Can be used for addressing friends and people a little bit elder than you.

आप( aap) - Formal and the most respectful word to address other people. Can be used to address elders and everyone in a respectful manner.

Now the word thera is from tu and tumhara is from thum. I hope you can understand the difference now.

Thank you.


My brother is not your brother


In a few of the lesson sentences I've seen containing the word नहीं it was mentioned that है could be omitted at the end because of negation (or something to that effect).

Apparently that is not the case here but would someone care to please explain why?


You can only omit the है from negative sentences containing नहीं if there is another verb in the sentence.

If you omit है from a sentence like 'मेरा भाई तेरा भाई नहीं है'. it would make it a sentence without any verbs which is not allowed.


Thanks Vinay, I see from your example above how omitting है wouldn't make a complete sentence whereas in another phrase from a lesson I'm currently going through, "जूलिया भारत में नहीं रहती।" does make a complete sentence because there is another verb (रहती) in it.

P.S. Your avatar reminds me of one of my favorite classic foreign comedy films, "Black Cat White Cat"


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