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"The girl is admiring the powerful woman."

Translation:Riña kostōbe ābre majaqsa.

May 30, 2019



Kostobi and kostoba vs kostobe?


"kostōbi" - solar/singular/accusative or lunar/plural/nominative. "kostōba" - lunar/singular/nominative, terrestrial/plural/nominative or terrestrial/plural/accusative. "kostōbe" - lunar/singular/accusative.


I'm realy getting pissed with the usage of "sa" or "is" for "majaq". Am I missing somethig? I can build perfectly the phrases and the only thing wrong is always the same: if I used majaqis I should've used majaqsa, if I used majaqsa I should've used majaqis. Help! KOSTILUS!!!


The difference between both is that -sa is third person singular and -is is third person plural, so it depends on what the subject of the sentence is.

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