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Arabic Word of the Day 38#

*UGHH! I would so appreciate it if these posts would actually POST instead of me having to do them twice for them to ACTUALLY POST! :((( [sigh]

*Merhaba! Sorry I'm super late! Today we're going to be starting a new topic! Let's start quickly cus I've had enough of retyping my long lessons! :

*موسيقى = "Mooseeq^a" = Music

*أغاني = "Aghaanee" = Songs -> "أغنية " = "Ughniya" = Song

*الروك = "Alrok" = Rock

*البوب = "Albob" = Pop - Pronounce with a 'p' even though spelling is with a 'b'

*الراب = "Alrab" = Rap - Pronounce with a 'p'

*الهيب هوب = "Alheeb hob" = Hip hop - Also pronounce with a 'p'

*الشعبية = "Alsha3biya" = Folk

*الوطنية = "Alwat^aniya" = National/ Country

*الجاز = "Aljaz" = Jazz

*الكلاسيكية = "Alklasikiya" = Classical

*البلوز = "Alblooz" = Blues

*الريغي = "Alreghay" = Reggae

*أفلام = "Aflaam" = Movies/ Films -> فيلم = "Feelm" = Movie/Film

*رعب = "Ru3b" = Horror :O (closing eyes the whole way through)

*كوميدي = "Komidee" = Comical (Comedy) <- 1 film (s)

*كوميدية = "Komidia" = Comical (Comedy) <- Films (pl) :D (dying of laughter)

*أكشن = "Akshun" = Action :o (jumping in seat)

*خيال علمي = "Khayaal 3ilmee" = Science fiction - "Khayaal" means 'imagination' and "3ilmee" means 'scientific' @_@ (this aint scientific?)

*رومانتيكية = "Romantikia" = Romantic < - Films (pl)

*رومانتيكي = "Romantikee" = Romantic <- 1 film (s) -_- (you done?)

*مسلسلات = "Musalsalaat" = Series :0 (what's gonna happen next!)

*رسوم متحركة = "Rusoom mutah^arika" = Cartoons - "Rusoom" means 'drawings' and "Mutah^arika" means 'moving' so "Rusoom mutah^arika" are 'drawings that move' ;) (nostalgia)

*الأنيمي= "Alanime" = Hmm I wonder... Anime? B) (who has never watched anime has no life)

*(عروض) = "3urood^" = Shows :P (Meh)

*Ok! That's enough from me! Now it's your turn to remember these! Good Luck!

*Thanks for Reading! Any Qs, Proof - reading, Suggestions, Possible Improvements, Noted down below and I'll answer as soon as possible! Sweet Dreams! ;D

May 30, 2019



You could Select All and then copy your text before you post next time, in case it doesn't post. That way you wouldn't have to type everything all over again.


Yeah I know I already do so, but sometimes my annoying laptop decides to not copy unless you press copy like 3 times and I was half asleep so I forgot and only pressed copy once! :( So I guess it's kind of my fault too ;p Thanks for the suggestion anyways! :)


احسنت يا اختاه


LOL think you post this and fall asleep XD


Yes definitely. Where I live, this was posted at 11 last night.


Yep I did! I think we all have the same timings ;p Actually I only slept at 1am cus I was filling my tummy ;3 No I wasn't actually, I was just watching YT and pretending I was eating hehe


Hmm... what kinda of videos?


Mm I'm not telling you! Savage mushroom-eater! ;p JK I was having nostalgia re-watching all the Anime I loved when I was a kid! (Some were really good, but some were like dead boring)


HM? didn't understand ^^'


Ah don't worry! Maybe when you catch me and eat my brain you might understand what I meant ;p


WOW! and then I'll get smarter?


Hmm yeah cus 2 stupid brains equal a clever one! ;D


(: شكرا My favourite on this list is anime. Can't get enough of it.


Same ;p Glued to the screen 24/7 until my mum starts yelling at me hehe ;D


i don't watch anime. mostly 'cause i don't care about it that much/enough to watch it.


Actually that means you've got a life. If you watch it you spend everyday on the screen ;p


Nice list! Nice to see music related stuff, Thanks!


Don't worry there's more to come hopefully! ;)


More than half of these words are not Arabic :)


Yes, and then they are easy to remember :)


I know lol that's why I had enough energy to retype it again XD But it's also hard to spell because there tends to be more than one spelling for some of these ;p

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