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  5. "The man's name is Torg."

"The man's name is Torg."

Translation:torgh 'oH loD pong'e'.

May 30, 2019



Should this be "torgh 'oH loD pongDaj'e'" instead?


That's like saying, "The man's his name is Torg." You can either state who's name it is (loD "the man") or refer to whose it is (-Daj "his/her/it's"), but you can't use both together. The translation at the top of this discussion is correct.

If the sentence offered had been, "His name is Torg," then the correct translation would have been, torgh 'oH pongDaj'e'.

The sentence you have suggested is a grammatically improper sentence and in some situations might not be clear whether you added too many parts or left something out.


Thank you! I did not get that from the lecture descriptions. Now it makes a lot of sense.


I've added a paragraph explaining this in the Family 1 Skill Tips & Notes where the possessive suffixes are introduced.

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