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  5. "mara 'oH be' pong'e'."

"mara 'oH be' pong'e'."

Translation:The woman's name is Mara.

May 30, 2019



Is this phrase correct? I would say it should be like this: mara 'oH be' pongDaj'e'


There are a couple of different ways to form a possessive in Klingon.

One is with possessive suffixes, like pongDaj his/her name. The other is by putting two nouns next to each other: be' pong woman's name. The first noun possesses the second noun.

You don't mix these two types of possession. be' pongDaj would mean something like the woman's her name instead of the woman's name.


Thank you! I did not get that from the lecture descriptions. Now it makes a lot of sense.

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