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Swahili "Quiz" Allows Few/No Correct Alternatives; Also Has Some Errors

I am finding the Swahili Quizzes to be as annoying as the main Swahili course used to be, in terms of accepting alternative correct translations, and also containing some errors.

"Error" example: We love them. Duo answer: Tunawapendeni. Absolutely wrong. The correct answer is "Tunawapenda." The -eni suffix is for second person plural, not third person plural.

"Not accepting correct alternatives" example: I cooked, and then I ate. Duo answer: Nilipika na halafu nilikula. A possible translation, but an equally correct one is "Nilipika nikala," using the narrative tense. Duo marks this wrong.

These types of annoyances occur in almost every Quiz, and discourage me from taking any more of them until errors have been fixed and alternative, correct translations are accepted.

May 30, 2019



I have heard users in other languages (especially the new French tree) express similar thoughts. However, they painstakingly report each error and are so pleased that Duolingo not only listens to their feedback but thanks them by email for the many contributions to the course.

I am not proficient enough to offer more than a suggestion on the clickable report system, but submitting an actual bug report may be worthwhile if you have time. Are you reporting the errors each time you find them (by clicking on the "report" button)?


Yes, I do submit error reports, but not "painstakingly." The disheartening thing is that some of the errors presumably have been reported thousands of times, yet they remain. Difficult to understand why. It is true that a great deal of progress has been made in recent months, due to the efforts of many users in reporting errors, and the tremendous assistance of our moderator Machieng, and also that of a young man in the Netherlands who has been making corrections and adding alternative answers. I just wish that with the Swahili "quizzes" it would not be like "deja vu all over again."

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