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  5. "Why is nothing written here?"

"Why is nothing written here?"

Translation:Mengapa tidak ada yang tertulis di sini?

May 30, 2019



How do we know when to use/not use 'yang'?


if we want to know 'why

mengapa tidak ada yang ... (verb)

mengapa bukan kamu yang ... (verb)

mengapa tidak aku saja yang ... (verb)

mengapa tidak seorangpun yang ... (verb)


So for a sentence using "mengapa," we always have to include "yang?"


Why is it tertulis instead of ditulis? The meanings a lot of the verb preffixes and suffixes are still really confusing to me.


With the prefix di- you refer to the action, and with ter- you refer to the result of the action. I imagine this is hard for English speakers, since there is no distinction there, but in most languages there is. For instance, if you speak some Spanish: "ditulis" = "es escrito"; "tertulis" = "está escrito".

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