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  5. "An elephant is big."

"An elephant is big."

Translation:हाथी बड़ा होता है।

May 31, 2019



Duolingo accepted हाथी बड़ा है without होता. Is this just a mistake or is both correct? I guess I still do not understand this completely - as far as I understand the construction with होता is for sentences with a generell meaning like Elephants are big animals (in generall). Could someone please explane to me? Thank you in advance!


Both are correct depending on what you want to convey.

As you say, होता is used when you're making generalisations. So, the sentence हाथी बड़ा होता है। is saying that elephants, as a species, are big animals. In English, we would usually use the plural form 'Elephants are big' to say this but both the singular and plural (हाथी बड़े होते हैं) forms are interchangeable in Hindi.

'हाथी बड़ा है' may be 'An elephant is big' which is talking about any odd elephant and is not a general statement about the whole species. However, because Hindi does not have a definite article, it may also mean 'The elephant is big' which is talking about some particular elephant. Which of these meanings it should be understood as comes down to context.


Why is it hortaa and not hortee? Does the gender not follow?


हाथी is a masculine noun, despite the ending.


Female is Hatnee. Male is Hathee. And the word are "hota" and "hotee", no "r".


हाथी बड़ा होता है I instead did हाथी बड़ा है (g) the question… the male and female male: होता female: होती that is important because we use tā in male we use tī in female. The important thing is… be good using Duolingo! This app is fun try it now!!!!

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