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  5. "Tini membeli pakaian."

"Tini membeli pakaian."

Translation:Tini is buying clothes.

May 31, 2019



In Indonesian, present tense and present continues tense are the same.

So, naturally, we don't distinguish the difference between 'Tina buys clothes' and 'Tina is buying clothes'. Both are 'Tini membeli pakaian' for us.

But if you really want to stress on the ongoing action that Tini is doing now, you can add the word 'sedang'.

'Tini sedang membeli pakaian'.

In that sense,

Membeli = buy

Sedang membeli = is buying

But remember, the word 'sedang' is optional. Without using it, your sentence will be understood.


I thought present and past tense can be the same too.


This is true. There are no tenses in Indonesian, so the time of an action is determined through the context. Time markers (like "sedang") are only added as emphasis or if it is needed to provide context.


What is the different between "Are" and "is"


You use "are" for "you" and "we". You use "is" for "he", "she", and "it".

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