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[[problem solved]] ... to study certain discussions after a lesson ... how can I bookmark them?

sometimes certain discussions of sentences in a lesson are of further interest for me

How can I bookmark them?

I want to study them after a lesson in detail

April 13, 2013



I found a solution for my problem to get the url of the sentence-xy discussion page

one can search directly for the ("sentence-xy")-url in the discussion forum if you put it in quotes

for example


Duolingo currently hasn't got a feature to bookmark discussions. Maybe you could bookmark discussions in your internet browser and mark them with a Duolingo label.


that's right - ... but during a lesson one can click on "discussion" of the actual sentence ... how can I bookmark a discussion in this situation?


You can't. Hopefully they'll add this ability in the future, I've made a thread about it myself. It's very annoying >.>


the idea is to integrate a <a href="http://duolingo.com/#/comment/324357" target="_blank">-Link at the top of the document


thanks for clarifying this ... maybe I have to work a little bit more on this idea ... with the goal to get more upvotes for this


I submit a support-text

  • Please integrate a "_blank"-Link in the discussion ... when displaying the discussion that belongs to the actual question ( sentence to translate ) during a lesson


Oh, I'm sorry, maybe I misunderstood you.

You mean you'd like to bookmark the sentence discussion page?

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