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  5. "vumbe' vumvetlh."

"vumbe' vumvetlh."

Translation:That jerk doesn't work.

May 31, 2019



I think there is a relation between working and jerk/scumbag. The conquered populations were the main source of labour force for the Klingon empire. "They are more than slaves, but less than citizens", according to scifi.stackexchange.com/. So, we can figure that "the workers" are assimilate with "conquered people", which lost their honour, being defeated. That is just my humble opinion.


I wonder what is the relation between working and a jerk? Is there an interesting story behind it or is it just a coincidence?


I don't think any story has been given to us, but it is interesting that these rhyming English words translate into homophonous Klingon words.

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