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I've just completed my first tree, and I have some advice to help you to do the same.

As the title says, I just completed my first Duolingo tree, the German tree. I've been learning since early 2018. At first I had no idea what I was doing, but now I do, and I'd like to give some advice to any newer learners who may see this post.

  1. Use outside resources such as Tinycards, Memrise, Anki, etc. You can find user made decks or you can make your own. Also try to find textbooks. If you can't afford to buy any, try your local library.
  2. Repetition is key, but too much can be boring and not very beneficial. If you feel comfortable with a skill, move on and review it later.
  3. Have a notebook to write down any new words or words that aren't sticking. I find that writing things down helps me remember them. It can improve your spelling and handwriting, in both languages.
  4. Set your devices to your target language. You may not want to do this if you're just starting.
  5. If you're learning several languages at once, pick one to focus on the most. About 80 or 70% of your study time should go that one language.
  6. Use Duome to see more info about your progress on Duolingo. To see your profile, go to duome.eu/your username. Here you can see your levels, how much XP you need to level up in each language, your strength in each skill and some other things as well.

That's it! Good luck learning!

May 31, 2019



Thanks for these well intended, helpful comments. Well done for putting this together.


I would argue that only completing half the tree, if not more to only the first crown is even more detrimental to learning than too much repetition. It doesn't give enough time for the information to set in.


her post said "repetition is the key"


Thank you so much! This is really helpful! I've only been here for about 2 months, and keep seeing people post things asking for these kinds of tips, but I rarely see anyone giving tips. Thank you!


Thanks for the helpful tips and congrats on your achievement! I started learning German on here first, because I used to study it back in school, but I wasn't very good at it. And it's still hard, omg. The pronunciation will be the death of me, I tell you. My native language is Bulgarian (similar to Russian) and I just struggle with German a lot. Now I'm concentrating on Spanish because, oddly enough, it's like second nature to me. I'll get back to German eventually. Also if I may suggest another helpful tip: To memorize the verbs of a language (especially tenses and conjugation) I make an Ms Exel table and I put there all the verbs and their forms I encounter. Really helpful to me. Happy learning!


Approximately how long did it take you to reach level 5 in all your skills from the moment you started?


Hard to say, now after 4 months on Duo, I'm in half way in Italian. So, other 4 monts... i quess. I have done a lot and not used any tricks to go forward. Hard way, but I can already communicate in Italian, somehow.. ;) good luck.


Sounds good to me. Have a lingot.

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