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  5. "He lānui ka Pōʻaono."

"He lānui ka Pōʻaono."

Translation:Saturday is a holiday.

May 31, 2019



Is there an actual rule - or even a tradition, or tendency, that governs/gives a hint as to word order when it comes to this time/dates issue? I've made more errors on this section than any other section - than on several sections combined! I'm just not getting this. Is there a link to a video or a chapter in a text that can help me here, please?


Okay I said "The holiday is Saturday." so, what's the difference? Saturday is a holiday or the holiday is Saturday. Seems the same to me. Or am I thinking too mathematically?


"He" means, "a", so you would have to say, "A holiday is Saturday," which is a very odd way to say it in English.


So would Saturday is THE holiday (*my wrong answer) be Ka lanui ka Po'aono?


It's gonna be a big day!


In Hawaii, is every Saturday a holiday? That would make this sentence incorruptible (and be super awesome).

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