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Je vais bien: Suddenly I'm Wrong.

For the first month, Duolingo taught me that "je vais bien" meant, "I am feeling well."

Now it is marking that translation WRONG, in favor of, "I am DOING well."

Why did it suddenly switch? Frustrating.

July 19, 2012



Perhaps they're saving all the correct answers that were rejected and will feed them to a neural net to give the software a better idea of the languages, it has to deal with. Or they can just hire David.


My guess: probably someone gave feedback, and it was implemented - for a good reason: "I'm feeling well." is better translated as "Je me sens bien."


I had a similar experience. "Comment ca va?" was the question. I, since I'm here in Australia, translated that as, "How are you going?", but was marked wrong, since the system wanted either, "How are you?" or "How are you doing?" I sent feedback. I suspect weerlicht is right, btw.


Yes, my only concern is testing properly here. I can be flexible in conversation (I'm doing well; I'm OK; I feel well--are all acceptable in the real world), but here in Testland, you lose points and have to redo a lesson.

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