"And you're welcome!"

Translation:Se biarvose!

May 31, 2019

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If anybody knows, in addition to "Se biarvose" would it also be grammatically correct to say "Se jiōrna iksā" or "Se ao jiōrna iksā"?

Also, is there a differentiation between the 'oh it was my pleasure to help' kind of welcome and the 'you are welcome to enter my house' kind of welcome in High Valyrian? Just asking as in Norwegian, saying 'you're welcome' after a trade or a favour would sound off and unnatural, but in English you can use the word 'welcome' in both situations.

Thanks in advance.


Yes, there is a difference between "welcoming a person" and "you're welcome" in High Valyrian. The former is "jiōrnagon" and the latter is "biarvose" - I think English is actually pretty alone in both of those being the same (in German they aren't the same either, and I think they're different in Japanese too). And no, the two sentences you constructed aren't grammatically correct.

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