"Is professor Tini known by children?"

Translation:Apakah profesor Tini dikenal oleh anak-anak?

June 1, 2019

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When do you use Apakah and when Apa?


use "apakah" when it is a yes/no question. for example if the question begins with "is, am, are, do, does, did, was, were, ..." and the answer begins with yes/no, then it uses "apakah".

"apa" is just "what". if the question begins with "what..." and the answer is obviously not yes/no, then it uses "apa".

it is very straightforward to distinguish which one of the two. i hope i made it clear for you.


Where's "oleh" in the "right" answer?


Is there a problem here? Professor Tini in English is a professor called Tini, but in Indonesian it should be Tini's professor?


but in Indonesian it should be Tini's professor?

'-nya' is attached to the noun to show the possessive form (Tini's professor).

"Apakah profesornya Tini dikenal oleh anak-anak?"
"Is Tini's professor known by the children."


"Professor Tini" should be written with a capital P.

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