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Is a fix in the works for this?

This has been discussed before, but I didn't see anybody from Duolingo comment on it. I have just completed a lesson in Spanish, and as a test, I purposely got a new word wrong EVERY time it was brought up. It was three times, so it took all my hearts, but I still made it through the lesson.

At the end, it said I strengthened 8 new words, and this word was one of them!

I would hope that if I got a new word (or an old word) wrong, that it would weaken it instead.

Duolingo is a great program, but is this issue being addressed?


April 13, 2013



This is something we're going to work on. We'll be making updates to how word strength is calculated soon. We understand there's confusion around this. :)


Thank you for the reply!


Yeah, just now I failed at translating 'pomegranate', then got it right later in the practice after seeing the right answer. At the end of the practice I was told the word was strengthened - it's now at four bars, so supposedly it's in my long-term memory. It's not in my long-term memory just because I was able to remember it for a few seconds...

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