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When you have to learn it... welp

Okay. So I'm visiting Indonesia in a bit, and I have A LOT of relatives there. As English kinda dominates that world as a language, not trying to be racist or offend others in any way, sorry if I did, they do speak that, but they're kinda expecting me to know at least a little bit of Indonesian. I've always had trouble learning languages, well, at least becoming completely fluent in them. I need advice. I have about a year to learn, but you know, summer's coming up, lots of filled up schedules, possibly no time for this amazing site (:<). Can someone please give me advice? I'm currently learning english + spanish, so those are MY two dominant languages... but . .. you know what I mean. Thanks, sorry for wasting your time.

June 1, 2019



I am from the states but have been living in Indonesia for the last two years. People here are so nice, as long as you put forth some effort and laugh along with your mistakes they will be just bursting with happiness. Don't stress about it. Make learning a language fun(which is really easy with duolingo) but also, incorporate it into your life. Switch your phone to indonesian, write yourself notes in indonesian, find some friends online who speak indonesian and chat them. Use the language and you'll grow into it fairly easily.


Exactly, I do that too!! Also maybe try writing stories in Indonesian ( I do), watch Indonesian movies or shows with subtitles, or games too!!


Indonesian is easy to learn so no worries, but don't rush to try to learn it eather! Stick to formal Indonesian for now too (I am learning Informal and formal and combing and tbh it is not good).

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