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"Siapa yang mengumpulkan tugas kalian?"

Translation:Who collected your assignments?

June 1, 2019



The answer is wrong. It should be: "Who collected your assignment." -> singular, not plural.

It could have been that the speaker is asking one group of people about a group assignment.

For the answer to be explicitly plural, the Indonesian sentence should have been: "Siapa yang mengumpulkan tugas-tugas kalian." Otherwise, it's not clear whether the speaker is asking about a single assignment or a collection of assignments.

Editor, please review this.


I partly agree. Without context it could be singular or multiple assignments, so both should be accepted here.

In real life however i feel there would never be a context where its ambiguous. if there is no group assignment then we can interpret tugas as plural without needing to duplicate.


exactly. i have talked to natives and they have mentioned that using the plural form of a word isn't always necessary. that sentence can obviously alr mean assingments as in plural given the context of the pronoun "kalian" which is plural.


i typed "who collected your homeworks?" and got it wrong LMAO

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