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  5. "Hewan ini bukan dari bumi."

"Hewan ini bukan dari bumi."

Translation:This animal is not from earth.

June 1, 2019



My man that's not an animal


A minor point, and it doesn't have any influence on the actual sentence, but "Earth" is usually capitalized. I know "bumi" may not be, but in reference to the English translation.


It seems to me that if this is not from the Earth then it is unlikely to be a he wants which I understand to be a domesticated animal. It wouldn't really be a binatang either as that is a wild animal. Better would be makhluk, a creature. I think that is a better word to describe beings of unknown origin.


earth the planet or the soil? Is it the same word?


I think bumi is the planet and tanah is soil.

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