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  5. "Koper saya warnanya ungu."

"Koper saya warnanya ungu."

Translation:My suitcase is purple.

June 1, 2019



"My suitcase is colored purple" or "My suitcase is the color purple" should also be accepted, since "warnanya" was emphasized.

If the only correct answer is "My suitcase is purple" then the question should have been "Koper saya ungu".


What's the difference between suitcase and briefcase because i answered using suitcase and it tells me i'm wrong?


One of the translation answers is "My suitcases's color is purple." This is incorrect.

"Suitcase" singular noun.

"Suitcases" plural noun.

"Suitcase's" singular possessive noun.

" Suitcases' " plural possessive noun. Notice, no ending "s".

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