"This noon I search for my chicken."

Translation:Siang ini saya mencari ayam saya.

June 1, 2019

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This noon isn't a normal phrase


Yes, the English sentence should be changed.

It's a bit tricky translating the Indonesian sentence into English, though. "Siang" in this context covers the period of time between around 10 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon. So, late morning and early afternoon. Perhaps the speaker has to work or go to school first in the morning, and he doesn't want to do the search too late in the day. So he'll search for his chicken in the middle of the day. How do you refer to that period of time in English?


In English we have no single word for a period of time between 10 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon. Exact noon is a cut off in English. If this time period were needed we would say "late morning, early afternoon."


You could also say midday, although that is less specific.

But another problem would be "this". It does not work to put "this" with "noon", "midday", or "late morning, early afternoon". The best translation might be to say "today" instead of using "this". For example it could be:

"At midday today, I (will) search for my chicken."


'siang ini saya mencari ayamku' - says wrong, it is correct actually


But it mix formal saya and informal ku/aku


Ah. I see it now. You are right. You aren't supposed to mix formal with informal. Good eye, tabris. :-)


I hope they found their chicken...


Juga benar 'Petang ini saya mencari ayamku'?


'Hari siang ini saya mencari ayam saya' is incorrect?


It should be siang hari ini or simply siang ini.


'Siang ini saya mencari ayamku' should be accepted since this is a phrasing used in other exercises.


"Siang hari ini saya mencari ayam saya" is wrong?

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