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Difference between " thank " and " thanks "

Hello please i want to know the difference between " thank " and " thanks "

I remark thank sometime when i put " s " my answer was wrong and sometime no.

I wanna know what is the real difference and i what situation did we use one or other notation.


June 1, 2019

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You either say 'thank you' or 'thanks' as a form of gratitude. They are interchangeable.

In case of as a verb

I/We/You/They thank, But He/She thanks.


In fact it's the correct usage at the bottom of your post


"Grâce à" se dit "thanks to". "To thank" est le verbe "remercier" mais on peut utiliser "thanks" comme forme raccourcie de thank you.


"Thank you" is more formal (and must have the "you"), while "Thanks" is more casual.


Hello, but i don't really understand what you mean by " formal " and " casual ". Can you be more explicit please ?

is your response mean that we have to use " thank you " when we are for exemple in front of a great personality ( like President, minister , a director .. ) and " thanks " can be use when we are for exemple with friend or in familly ?


Generally, if someone passes you the salt, or moves out of your way, or does a small gest for you, you would say "Thanks!". However, I feel "Thank you" has more meaning and I would say that to someone if they bought me a big gift, or did a lot to help me, or defended me. It feels more sincere.

Of course, if you met a powerful person, like the Queen or maybe your boss's boss, you would probably want to say "thank you" even for small things.

But it doesn't matter very much.


Maltageer has answered your question wonderfully.

Don't worry about which one to choose: you will not insult someone by using the "wrong" one.

Think of it like this: "thank you" is the proper way, while "thanks" is a shortened form of it. It's slang.

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