"The writer writes a story."

Translation:लेखक कहानी लिखता है ।

June 1, 2019

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Should लिखती be used if the writer is a woman?


लेखक is a masculine noun so you have to conjugate it with लिखता. You can use 'लेखिका for a female writer.

लेखिका कहानी लिखती है ।


It accepted लिखती.


Just wondering why Duo accepted लिखती as correct? Can either gender be used?


Technically, a female writer is लेखिका. So, if you use लिखती, it should be लेखिका कहानी लिखती है ।

That said, in modern usage, words like लेखक are used in a gender-neutral way.
Every noun in Hindi has an associated gender so conjugating masculine words like लेखक as feminine this way would not pass muster with grammar purists. But it is nevertheless something that is done, even in formal contexts like newspaper articles.


It seems दोस्त is a masculine noun with no feminine version, so you say मेरी दोस्त. I thought लेखक was like that. Live and learn.

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