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"ʻAʻole au makemake i ke kipi, e waiho."

Translation:I do not want chips, you can leave them.

June 1, 2019



(YouTube link) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8k_9WFpVXE

Hawaii Grown, Hawaii Made: The Hawaiian Chip Company (link above)

(link) http://wehewehe.org/gsdl2.85/cgi-bin/hdict?e=q-11000-00---off-0hdict--00-1----0-10-0---0---0direct-10-ED--4-------0-1lpm--11-en-Zz-1---Zz-1-home-waiho--00-3-1-00-0--4----0-0-11-00-0utfZz-8-00&a=d&d=D20617


nvt. To leave, lay or put down, place before, present, refer, submit, place in nomination, file, deposit,

set aside, exclude, evacuate, abdicate, desist, cease, stop, omit, ...

I do not want chips, set (them) aside.

I donʻt want chips, omit (them).

I donʻt want chips, leave (them out).


OK, THAT makes sense (leave them out, as in don't include them), but the given translation ("you can leave (it)") makes NO sense at all to me.


I don't understand. Why would I ask for something I don't want to be left - instead of taken away?


Oh, I get it now. I was definitely confused at the beginning. I think Duo should word this differently and provide other definitions for "waiho" and "e waiho"

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