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  5. "Ābra gevie vale rijas."

"Ābra gevie vale rijas."

Translation:The woman is praising the beautiful man.

June 1, 2019



So What is the suffix in "gevie" that lets us know that The man is beautiful and not the woman? How would you say: "The beautiful woman praises the man" without changing the word order (without putting the adjective before "Abra")


Nothing. "Gevie" can both be accusative and nominative, so it could refer to both the man and the woman in this sentence. And since the adjectives can come before and after the noun, it is ambiguous.

However, I think in actual usage of HV, a native HV speaker would - in this specific case - always place the adjective before the noun it refers to in order to mitigate this issue. So if you wanted to say "The beautiful woman praises the man", you would probably place the word "gevie" before "Ābra".

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