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"Are the extra chips on the plate?"

Translation:Aia ke kipi keu ma ke pā mea ʻai?

June 2, 2019



I missed where the pā "mea ʻai" came in. There was no mention of a plate LUNCH - just a plate. What hint did I miss that would have indicated that the question wasn't about chips on a plate?


These questions involving "plate" are inconsistent. Sometimes the accepted "correct" answer is "pā". But other times I am told that is an error, and that I must use "pā mea ʻai." Why?


Okay, that makes sense now.
lots of words in Hawaiian have lots of different meanings when used in different ways. Pā by itself can mean a lot including dish, plates, disk, flat basin, even fance, wall, corral. Words in Hawaiian can be made up of these basic, root words it seems like.

A plate for general food, no real purpose for to eat from is a food thing plate. If it was a plate for a cake or idk a special jewelry display, it would have a name the relates to that thing.

Lots of rooting in Hawaiian like latin, greek, etc because it is an old language.


Why is pā mea 'ai required for this answer? Extra chips require a plate lunch as an answer whereas chips only require a plate.


Okay, i think english has the same things going on to. Its just, we may not all use them like we could.

Like a salad fork, bread pan, cake pan, fry pan, dinner fork, shake spoon.

Same thing in Hawaiian. Food thing plate. A plate for food things. No particular type of food, it can be used for food things.

Bread knife, cheese cutter, paper clip, three hole punch.

This ain't caveman talk, its just talk. Lol


I said: ".........ma ke pa" and not "...me ke pa mea ai." Plate is pa, not pa mea 'ai!!


My guess is that they are specifying pā mea ʻai for plate because kipi and pā both can mean other things. This is just to be explicit... (??)


What else does kipi mean?


Pā without the mea 'ai is now accepted.


While reading these unanswered queries did anyone else hear Bruce Hornsby tinkling the ivories in the background? I flagged the exercise saying "pa" alone should be accepted.


This keeps marking it wrong if you just put Pa instead of Pamela I. The question is not if they are on the plate lunch, but rather if they are on the plate!!!

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