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Indonesian from English is doing amazing!

Although Indonesian from English is merely in its beta mode, it's doing amazing! I dunno how long it's been in beta, but whatever, I barely noticed it was! Good job to the amazing creators of Duolingo and everyone who contributed to this course. It's really helping. My mom's from Indonesia, but I was born & raised in U.S, where I never learned to speak or was interested in learning Indo until now. I'm gonna visit my relatives in Asia next year, so yea. Once again, tysm!

June 2, 2019



The Indonesian course today has graduated from beta. I just checked the incubator.


Ibumu dari mana di indo? Selain Indo negara mana yang akan kamu kujungi?


I can't agree more!!! Whoever is combing through the user reports is really on the ball. I've received countless emails letting me know that my reports are not in vain and that they are constantly correcting and improving the course. I hope they keep doing this. Not to mention all the Addenda provided by Rick392366.

I'm super grateful to have such a dedicated team working on this course.


I became a fan of a Indonesian Rock band named "Last Goal! Party" I'm a Filipino-American is a fan of Iko Uwais. Why not learn a language from an Austronesian neighbor?

[deactivated user]

    I would have agreed, until I ran into the fact that after eleven months of discussion, Duolingo has not been able to understand that the sentence "I am prettier than she" is acceptable English. One must write "I am prettier than her" in order to move on. As I have zero tolerance for ignorant people telling me my English is wrong, I shall go elsewhere to learn Indonesian.

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