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  5. "You are called by mom."

"You are called by mom."

Translation:Kalian dipanggil oleh ibu.

June 2, 2019



Mine said 'Kalian dipanggil ibu', without oleh. I knew that it should have oleh so I chose a different phrase with a word I didn't know....then when I come here it shows the correct phrase. I have screenshots to show the discrepancy.


I recently learned that if the verb is immediately followed by a noun , oleh can be omitted .like : perusahaan ini diberi ayah (without need for preceding “oleh”) kepada Andi : this company was given by father to Andi . One of those things that make learning languages so interesting (or sometimes frustrating).


The meaning of this sentence changes from Indonesian to English. English I only have 1 mum, Indonesian is for respect of any woman of that age/ rank

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