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"C'è un tavolo per cinque persone?"

Translation:Is there a table for five people?

June 4, 2014



Let me try. "C'e'" translates as "there is" (or in a question, inverted to "is there?") - a handy little opener in the English language that we might take for granted. If you've had any French, you might recognize the relationship to "C'est", which means the same thing. So, "There is a dog in our yard," could be translated "C'e' un cane nel nostro cortile." If you want to pluralize it, use "Ci sono" - so "There are three dogs in our yard" would be "Ci sono tre cani nel nostro cortile." Hope this helps, because it is very handy to know! Enjoy.


Why on earth is it wrong to use 'persons' instead of 'people'


It is accepted (november 2021)


can't get past this "C'è" bit. Anyone wanna clear this up?


What is wrong with ' have you got a table for...etc?


There is that slang word "got" again. Unfortunately "get" and "got" are frequently misused in American English and I am happy to see DL is not reinforcing that use. The italian verb is "è", precisely translated to "is".


Me too, much more likely to be said


So, at what point would un tavolo become una tavola: when you're seated and find the table set for the meal, or after the meal is served? Or is it only una tavola in casa con la famiglia?


So from a bit of googling, I suspect "cinque gente" is actually wrong, not just not accepted by DuoLingo, but I would love an explanation. Thanks.


I think I can help. Gente is people and considered as an entire group (could be specialized groups like motorcyclists not just all humans), but used in the singular. That singular/grouping aspect is the problem with using gente in this sentence as multiples (cinque).


That makes a lot of sense, thank you :).


Gente is for a group of people or meaning people in general and it is always a singular noun. It is a collective noun, so you can't say cinque gente for the same reason you can't say five herds as 5 deers


I agree with VTtQIZII


I had omitted the question mark and this is the first time punctuation seems to be an issue. Consistency please


I translated: Is it a table for five persons?

Would that also be correct? DL says it is wrong.


No, c'è is ci + è (there + is) [or "is there" in a question].

Your sentence would look like: È un tavolo per cinque persone?


Grazie. Now that I read your explanation, I wonder why I ever thought that my answer was correct :-)


Glad to be of assistance


Why does the man insist on saying ter instead of per on the slow speed ?


Persone= Persons?! Why not


When I wrote CHE instead of C'è the answer was correct.why?


❤❤❤❤ this translation

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