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  5. "'IH tlhIngan Hol."

"'IH tlhIngan Hol."

Translation:The Klingon language is beautiful.

June 2, 2019



What Hol means?

Hol means language.

tlhIngan Hol is the language of the Klingons, i.e. the Klingon language or simply "Klingon".


In addition, note that in English, a race/culture adjective can be used as a noun for the people or the language. The word "Mexican" in English can be used as an adjective to describe any noun ("Mexican food"), as a noun meaning a person from Mexico ("He is a Mexican"), or as a noun referring to the dialect spoken in Mexico ("Is Mexican different from Spanish"). Similarly for aliens: Klingon can be used as an adjective ("A Klingon ship"), a person ("The captain is a Klingon"), or the language ("Can you speak Klingon?")

In Klingon, the word tlhIngan is a noun and refers specifically to the beings. Nouns can be used in a similar manner to how English uses adjectives and go before the noun they are describing. tlhIngan as a noun does not refer to the language. But tlhIngan as an adjective can be attached to the word for language to specify that it's "the Klingon language". In English we might just use the noun "Klingon", so tlhIngan Hol can be translated as "Klingon language" or as just "Klingon".

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