Duolingo has gone mad

Duolingo is now giving me English sentences to translate in to English. One was "You have to hurry or we'll lose the train." Guess what I got it wrong!

The correct translation was not "You have to hurry or we'll lose the train." This was marked wrong. " You used the wrong word. You have to hurry or we'll miss the train."

Proof that Duolingo has finally gone mad.

June 2, 2019

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No my friend you're wrong, lose, lost is used for personal things and miss for not personal things like train, bus, plane, taxi or an appointment. I will lose my train, is incorrect. I will miss my train, is ok. I will lose my bag, is correct. I will miss my bag is incorrect. Both words have the same meaning (perder) but it's used in different context.

Yep. These quirks of the language are a bit annoying but you are right. That's why we are here! :)

You miss the point entirely. Duolingo gave me all the sentences written in English and asked me to translate them into English!!!

As I wanted to keep my streak running. I thought I had better do one lesson and I typed in the exact same English that Duolingo had given me. Duolingo them proceeded to mark me on each answer which was identical to the question but on more than one occasion marked me wrong.

If or when it happens again submit a bug report : Submit a Bug Report … CLICK ME

with a screenshot : How do I take a screenshot? … CLICK ME


Thanks I did this.

I don't know what to say about this TBH

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