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  5. "the parents of the children"

"the parents of the children"

Translation:nā mākua o nā keiki

June 3, 2019



E kokua mai ʻoluʻolu - just a couple phrases before, the answer was a choice between "nā mākua" and "nā makua" and the program counted "nā mākua" as incorrect.* This time it was the required answer. Can someone help me understand the difference between "mākua" when it's right and "mākua" when it's wrong?

*I chose mākua before, because it was plural (preceded by "nā") - as I deduced from a lesson a couple months ago on DL - where the plural was "nā wāhine" and the singular was "ka wahine." And now I'm confused again.


I don't know exactly what you were shown for the exercise, but "makua" is one of the special words that gets a kahakō over the a when pluralized, i.e. "mākua". So "nā makua" should never be a correct answer, but rather "nā mākua" should be correct. Not totally sure what you experienced, but please report it if you see something in an exercise that seems to contradict what I've said above.


Thank you for teaching the word "kahakō"


I agree with you. Everytime I write "nā mākua" for "the parents" Duolingo tells me to pay attention to the accents" as if I made a mistake by writing "nā mākua." I did not make a mistake.

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