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  5. "Die Menge stimmt."

"Die Menge stimmt."

Translation:The quantity is right.

June 4, 2014


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Can stimmen refer to people providing a correct answer? If so, then “the crowd is right” should be accepted.

June 4, 2014


No. That would be "die Menge hat Recht".


Es stimmt :-) , dass "stimmen" means being correct or being right but it is more like applies to something or being consistent with something. So in case of the quantity above (or e.g. a bill) you may use "stimmen". E.g., "Die Rechnung stimmt." But for a translation of being right in the sense of having a point you should use the term "Recht haben" as sakasiry correctly explained.


i said the amount is true. Shouldn't it accept it


Didn't accept "the correct amount." I feel like I'd be more likely to say that than "the quantity is right."


"The correct amount" is not a sentence. (There's no verb.) You need to translate the German sentence into an English sentence, such as "The amount is correct."


THe amount is correct was accepted.


What is the difference between stimmt and richtig?


"stimmen" is a verb, "richtig" is not (it's an adjective). So "Die Menge richtig" would not be a complete sentence, since it lacks a verb. You could say "die Menge ist richtig", though.


Sakasiru-thanks for that explanation. I've been trying to understand the differences myself :-)

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